Monday, March 24, 2008

What to tell a son ...

One of my son's came home from school today upset because he had a "friend" who got mad at him and started saying ugly things. When that wasn't getting the response he wanted he told my son that I was "fat".

I didn't know what to say to my son. It hurts me that I am overweight and it make it worse to know I am hurting and embarrassing my kids as well.

I know we each see something we don't like when we look in the mirror. Sometime you can do something to change those things and sometimes you can't. So what about when you have tried time and time again to fix the thing that you are supposed to be able to do something about and you have reached a point where you are so discouraged that you can't even seem to find the strength to try any more?

This is one of those moments when I just want to cry, but I wont. I will fight the urge. I will feel that pain in my throat that happens when you are fighting back the tears. I will remind myself that I am more than a number on a scale... nope, didn't work. Got to find some tissue.


Christy said...

You're right. We ALL have things about ourselves that we wish we could change. I don't have enough time to list all of the things I want to change about myself.

AmAnDa said...


Kids are so cruel.As far as the "fat" comment is concerned, my own kids call me fat. I get very discouraged about weight loss. I have learned the more stressed and upset you get, the less you lose. I will pray for you as you are dealing with these feelings. If you ever want to come walk in my subdivision, give me a call.


Jane said...

Oh, my... does this sound familiar! I know exactly how you feel.

I also know how hurtful it is for our kids to hear anyone say anything mean about us. I will never forget the day in sixth grade when a girl said something really insulting to me about my dad. It was not even close to truth, but, boy did it hurt! It hurt much worse than if she'd just said something awful about me.

My own kids have been subjected to someone cruelly pointing out the obvious to them -- that their mom is fat. I hate that it is such a struggle for me, and (worse) that my own kids have been subjected to teasing over it.

I don't understand why my desire to thin isn't enough to inspire to me get on and stick to a diet and healthier way of life. This is one of my biggest battles in life.

I guess we all need to pray for each other!

amateur said...

Why not let yourself cry?