Thursday, March 27, 2008

High Winds

We have had a lot of high winds around our area lately. The kind of winds that try to push you off the road while you are driving. You know what I am talking about, those sudden gusts that catch you off guard. ;o)

Have you ever noticed the birds on days like this? While the winds push us around, the birds can gracefully soar as their wings slice through the heavy pressure. It is really a beautiful sight and if you have never taken a moment to look and watch this beauty I highly encourage you to do it the next time the winds are blowing.

This is the picture that comes to mind in Isaiah when it says we shall "mount up with wings like Eagles". An Eagle (or any bird) KNOWS what kind of effect the wind will have on them as it blows. They also KNOW what they need to do to keep from getting carried away by the wind. These bits of Knowledge that gets them through so that they arrive safely at their next destination (regardless of the winds) come naturally. They just open their wings and leap, trusting that what they know WILL take over. The result is quite graceful.

We as humans can learn quite a bit from the Birds. We have our own high winds that blow in our life. We respond in so many different ways but how often do we respond with the same Trust and Gracefulness as the birds? God designed our wings. He knows what they will withstand. So when the winds blow and you have to choose between allowing them to carry you away or trying to fly through them just spread your God Designed Wings and Trust in what you KNOW. God loves us and has poured his Grace out on us. So if you use your wings to slice through those high winds, you too will soar is beauty. Just remember, the higher up the bird goes the more beautiful it looks and the less it has to flap it's wings.

Get higher people!


Tony M said...

I do often notice the hawks (they're easier to spot; sometimes I'll notice smaller birds, too)... they are very, very graceful, soaring above the earth.

I like the comparison with Isaiah... I need to remember that at times (no comments! :).

But did you really tell us to get high(er)? :)

Christy said...

"I want to fly like an eagle, to the sea. Fly like an eagle, let my spirit carry me. I want to fly like an eagle, 'til I'm free. Oh, oh, oh.... whatever the rest of the words are". How d'ya like that? Who sings that, anyway? Is it Kansas or America? Hmmm... I can't remember.

Tony M said...

"Fly Like an Eagle" - by the Steve Miller Band.