Monday, February 18, 2008

Hair Jewelry

My 16 year old daughter has been growing her hair out for a while now. She looks a lot like an Indian with her long dark hair and her beige complexion. At the beginning of this school year she decided she would allow her hair to grow a little more and then donate a full 10 inches. She planned to wait till the summer, but when we went to get her a trim tonight she decided it was time. Watching her sit in that chair and make such a nice gesture was so wonderful. Her hair in much shorter now but it looks so cute, just like her. And someone out there will be able to use the hair she gave to feel better about themselves as well. What a great example of Love. Doing something for someone you don't even know and may never meet. A VERY cool thing to witness.

She was commenting on the silver hairs I am getting at a much more steady pace now. (After my last hair cut I wanted to go back and tell the stylist she has made a terrible mistake, because somehow she managed to cut my hair in such a way that EVERY silver hair is more noticeable.) I was feeling the pressure to cave and color my hair again until my daughter said this," You know mom, I like your silver hair. It looks like (pause) Hair Jewelry." I LOVE THAT!!!!!! Hair Jewelry, it sounds so much nicer than "old hair". ;o)

So from now on when you look in the mirror and wonder if it is time to color or pluck those silver puppies out, just remember they are all natural jewelry for your head.


Tony M said...

Over here Amateur asked why men are so less concerned about their grey hairs than women, to which I replied, we're just happy to have any hair; grey or not, that doesn't bother us. :)

I love your hair, by the way... you don't need to color it or anything. Maybe we should respell the adjective that describes it: "greysful" (or "graysful") instead of "graceful"... :)

Wow, I've now ended every paragraph in this comment with a little smiley face... :)

And again! :)

Ack... :)

Ninfa said...

Grey hairs and wrinkles on a man look distinguished. While on a woman they look old. It isn't fair. I can't completely stop the aging process, but I can sure try and slow it down. Mary Kay works for me and hopefully I will grow old slow and gracefully. Hey, that rhymes. ;)

Tony M said...

Greysfully. :)

Christy said...

Lydia is such a sweet and wonderful person. I really miss being her SS teacher. I usually ended up learning from her, though. ;)

I agree with the hair jewelry, I think that it looks just as nice on women as it does men. That is if you carry it w/ confidence. Now that I've said that, watch my head go completely silver - ha! We'll see what I think when I'm the one carrying it around, huh?

One more note, I almost didn't post here, b/c it felt a little bit like you and Tony had your own gooey thing going on... sappy! Keep it at home, would ya?

Ninfa said...

Well, just because we are affectionate towards one another doesn't mean you can't chime in. Besides, if I can not be jealous over the fact that 75% of the people who respond to Tony's blogs are females you guys can listen to a little mushy stuff! ;)

Tony M said...

I figured you'd have expected that from us... sorry if it makes you feel uncomfortable... :)

amateur said...

My son likes my grey hair, too--he says it looks cool (and he's 19!) (And I have a LOT.). They look more silver than grey to me, anyway. :)